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Arvico Textiles LTD is a family owned and run textile business founded in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1981. We have been actively involved in the textile industry in a multidimensional capacity, constantly evolving according to the ever changing trends of the wider fashion industry. Over 4 decades of retail and wholesale trading – both locally and regionally – as well as agency and distribution work carried out for large European fabric manufacturers in a number of countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Malta, Cyprus and Lebanon have allowed us to build a vast international network of clients comprising of large scale garment manufacturers, designers, ateliers, wholesalers, retail shops and of course end users whom we serve from our physical shop as well as online. We specialize in all types of ladies-wear fabrics such as casual, haut couture and bridal- wedding custom wear offering the freshest and funkiest of fabrics to you from Fall-Winter or Spring-Summer collections always in advance.

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